Episode 52 – In the Beginning…

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In the beginning… How many times have you heard that at the opening of a story? It usually ends up leading into an exciting, epic adventure! But how about the galaxy we live in today? The universe itself? Earth? Do they have a beginning? Or have they always been? And if they do have a beginning, what did that look like?

Join Dustin and Jonathan along with special guest Bobby McAllister (@OldBear45 on Twitter) once again as they continue down this path of Apologetics. In Part 2, they look into the universe to find evidence of creation. Was there a Big Bang? Can you be a Christian and believe in the Big Bang? Send us your thoughts and questions as well. It’s time to Land the Plane. Listen and Subscribe anywhere podcasts are found!

About the Podcast

We are a couple of dads taking on the challenge of parenting, marriage and living the Christian life. Answering questions like “Why is life so hard? Does anyone care? Why am I in this mess?” are all topics we discuss. Bible stories that just don’t seem to make sense or are super challenging are covered as well. Hey, raising kids, being married, dealing with co-workers, going to church, and following JESUS is tough – let’s do it together! Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of great community as we try to Land the Plane!

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