Episode 27 – Evolution: A Theory Too Many Call Fact

Evolution. Is it a theory? Or is it fact? It has been taught to us over the years as fact, but as we learn more and more about the human body and how it works, we learn more and more that scientists are learning how evolution no longer can explain how we came to be.

Join Dustin and Jonathan as they visit with special guest Robert Sterling and discuss the idea of evolution and how the more we learn the more it points to a Creator. Use the links below for more information about the topic and join in in the discussion using #LandThePlanePodcast. Be sure to Listen and Subscribe anywhere podcasts are found!

Stephen C Meyer
The Disovery Institute
List of Scientists Worldwide Who Question Current Theory

Answers in Genesis
Books to Spur Discussions with Your Kids

About the Podcast

We are a couple of dads taking on the challenge of parenting, marriage and living the Christian life. Answering questions like “Why is life so hard? Does anyone care? Why am I in this mess?” are all topics we discuss. Bible stories that just don’t seem to make sense or are super challenging are covered as well. Hey, raising kids, being married, dealing with co-workers, going to church, and following JESUS is tough – let’s do it together! Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of great community as we try to Land the Plane!

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