Episode 15 – Straight Lines From Crooked Sticks

“GOD uses crooked sticks to draw straight lines.” – Ignatius Loyola

Do you ever feel like you mess up too much? That GOD could never use someone like you? Maybe you are just a hot mess? Well, we have good news for you! Most of the “Heroes” of the Bible were hot messes as well. GOD continually uses messed up people to do great and wonderful things to bring glory to HIS name! And HE has a use and calling for you!

Join Jonathan and Dustin as they have a crazy and weird discussion about Samson! Learn how there is so much more to the people of the Bible they didn’t teach you in Sunday School. Samson was the man with the long hair and all the muscles. A spectacle to behold, Samson:

  1. Was empowered by GOD beyond normal human ability.
  2. Continually did his own thing and didn’t head warning.
  3. Needed GOD to direct him.
  4. Definitely was a “crooked stick” – Just like us!

Listen and find yourself in this story and realize GOD is in control no matter how lost you may be. Plus it never hurts to have a good laugh!

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