Episode 1 – You are not alone!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Land the Plane Podcast! We are so excited you have decided to join us. This is the show notes for Episode 1 and you will see a post like this for every Podcast. Down below you can listen to Episode 1. You can also find it anywhere podcasts are found. Go ahead and subscribe and give us some feedback.

We are also on all the social media sites. I will link those below so you can head on over and give us a follow and join in on the conversation and keep updated.

In Episode 1, we talk about a simple fact: This life is hard. It has many challeges to face each and every day. Even though you may feel alone at times, or that you may be the only one struggling, lets us reassure you, you are not alone. Let’s walk together and figure out this thing called life!

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