Episode 14 – Fun, Fear, Heroes: Salt Bowl 2018

Salt Bowl. Tradition. Benton. Bryant. High School Football. 38,000 people.

For a long time there has been a rivalry between two neighboring cities. Benton and Bryant; cities separated by just a few miles. The rivalry goes across all sports but the biggest game every year is the Salt Bowl. A game between the High School Football teams. The Salt Bowl is played at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, so enough seating is available. Weeks of preparation and excitement, a day of tailgating and family fun. Even those who are not normally fans of football turn out for this great event. Through the first half an exciting game was playing out, and a wonderful halftime show by both schools was enjoyed by all.

Then came the third quarter: A fight broke out, not between the two schools, but with someone in the stands. Then the shout… “Gun!”

Episode 11 – It’s time to Amplify!

How many Porta Potties does it take for 65,000 people?!?! How many pounds of ice to keep those thirsts quenched? How did a music festival go from 5 people attending to 65,000??? Come join Jonathan and Dustin as they speak to the founders of Amplify Fest. Founded by Josh Turner and Matt Brumley, Amplify is one of the largest free Christian festivals in the country and is located in Benton, Arkansas. Come listen to the humble beginnings and how God has grown it into the massive outreach it is now. Go behind the scenes with the founders and hear the heart they have for reaching those that need Jesus. Stay till the end and hear a few special announcements and learn how you could have a VIP Experience. Join us!

Episode 8 – Why You Gotta Be So Rude??

Jerks. We all know one, we have all encountered one, and regretfully we all have been one at times. Why do we all have to be so rude? How are we supposed to act? What should be our goal?  Why are we encouraging the attitude of… “Anything you can do I can do better!?” Come join Jonathan and Dustin as they do a little complaining, a little soul searching, dive into Romans 12 and lay down a challenge for all of us to take to heart.